A simple story well told is powerful.



Words are free. How you use them can be costly.

I know because I often took calls from readers when I worked at newspapers. They always let us know when a poor choice of words led to misunderstanding. I use that experience to carefully consider how different audiences might interpret a message. Packaging those words is also important. Presentation can drive readers away or capture their attention. In print or online, I can help you present a clear, captivating message. Take a tour through my site to see how I can help you.

Writer, editor, incurable optimist

I’ve written and edited stories about business, education, justice, philanthropy, politics, real estate, sports, transportation and almost every aspect of everyday life. Let me help you tell your story.


Who says hard work can't be fun

I can help you figure out what you need to say, how to say it clearly and present it in a way that captures the audience you’re looking for in print or online. And we’ll have fun doing it.


Irresistibly diligent

Looking for an experienced team player who not only can write, edit and design, but sweats the details because she’s obsessive about doing a good job? You’ve found her.


I and other managers relied on Angela to tackle the most difficult editing jobs because she is so good at seeing the core of the story and helping the writer to craft a piece that communicates effectively to the reader.

She catches not only the easily missed errors of fact and style, but also the major holes that require more reporting. … Her time-management skills are excellent, and she reliably made deadline, whether that was two hours or two weeks away.

Bruce MacKenzie

Editorial Page Editor, Times Colonist