Research & Writing

Editing &  Proofreading

Web content & design

(Technically, that’s 6 things. Sorry, my inner editor couldn’t resist.)

Strong content depends on strong research. I ask the right questions to uncover the details that communicate a message.The best writing attracts, engages and holds readers. I provide clear and concise prose for everything from blogs and brochures to news releases and websites. 

Times Colonist newspaper pages with examples of my work

A good editor or proofreader needs an eye for detail and consistency and a talent for refreshing words so that they flow. I apply both these skills in every project. I offer:

  • Copy editing: I ensure proper use of grammar and punctuation, and consistency in style and correction of errors. This can also include changes to eliminate jargon, clarify meaning and enhance readability.
  • Structural editing: I examine content with a view to improving its organization, suggesting changes about how the information is ordered, what needs to be added and what can be deleted.
  • Proofreading: I review a final draft before publication to catch any errors missed during editing.

Your audience looks to your website for information, but they don’t want to waste time hunting for the details they need. I can help you create a clear and compelling message in well-designed package that is easy to navigate.

Angela has created a welcoming space to introduce our office to the public.

In particular, she has taken a large amount of “raw” information about what we do — and how we do it — and simmered it down to its essence. Add her solid understanding of how the general public uses the Internet, and you get an effetive website that is user-friendly and concise.

Bradley Dow

Financial advisor, Manulife Securities