(Or how I became hopelessly obsessed with stories)

I’ve always loved reading, writing, editing and designing. As a child, I used to rewrite stories from the newspaper, clip the accompanying photos and paste them all artfully into scrapbooks. Lots of scrapbooks.

What happens to a kid creating personal newsmagazines in her basement? She turns into a teenager who goes looking to “help out” at her local weekly paper. Fortunately, they humoured me. Of course, they were desperate — the weekend reporter was sick. So, they sent me to write a story one weekend, which turned into many stories over several weekends. The editor liked my work so much, he hired me to work part-time. I’ve never looked back.

I went on to work for a range of newspapers, including the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen and the Times Colonist. I’ve worked as a news reporter, feature writer, story editor, page designer and associate city editor.

In 2010, I took a break from newspaper work to study web design because it combined my passions for writing, editing and design.

Now I combine my experience, skills and interests into creating compelling content as a freelance writer, editor and web designer.

Articles edited for Teachers To Go

Angela is an extremely talented and reliable content editor. As a professional in the education field, I frequently write articles for online and print magazines. I have to meet strict deadlines which can be stressful. But Angela’s quick turn-around time makes it all possible. Being published makes it crucial that my sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary are flawless. Angela provides useful feedback for my articles and lays it all out in a clear and concise way. I highly recommend her for editing.

Julie Diamond

President, Teachers To Go